October 2017 Update + Income Report


Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another monthly update and income report.

October was all about simplifying my eBay business to prepare for the launch of our second store and planning for Quarter 4 – my favorite (and busiest!) time of the year!

Read on to see what I did to prepare this month.

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September 2017 Update + Income Report


After having a pretty awesome August with my eBay business, I had high hopes for what September would bring. When I finally sat down to calculate everything out, I realized that we hit a record high again this month!

In September, I was also able to participate in another eBay Dropshipping meeting hosted by eDropshipEmpire as well as attend the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas for the first time.

Read on and check out this month’s update!

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August 2017 Update + Income Report


What’s up, everyone! Welcome back to another monthly update and income report!

August is usually considered one of the slowest months out of the year for businesses but for the first time in a long time, I managed to hit my highest profiting month ever! I am extremely ecstatic and humbled.

This month, I also attended an awesome mastermind with other entrepreneurs,  went drifting sideways in a truck, and got to visit one of my favorite pop-up art galleries of the year.

Check it out!

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July 2017 Update + Income Report


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another update for the month of July.

During this past month, I had the amazing opportunity (thanks to my family) to spend 5 days in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and stay at the all-inclusive and beautiful resort, the Moon Palace. At the tail end of our trip, we also made a stop in Florida to do some swimming at some of the most popular cities in the Sunshine state.

Surprisingly, this was also one of my busier months in a while after I made a some adjustments to my eBay business. Results? Profits went up!

Check out some cool pictures I grabbed and catch the latest update ahead!

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June 2017 Update + Income Report


What’s up, ya’ll? Summer is officially here and it is HOT! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back from Southeast Asia and readjusting to the work life was a little more difficult than expected.

This past month, I was suddenly restricted from one of my biggest suppliers and spent the majority of my time restructuring and determining what the best course of action was in order to put my eBay store in the right direction again. I also faced the challenge of dealing with a few of my orders disappearing off the face of the planet and explain how that affected my business.

Read on as I share the latest happenings for me in June and catch a peek at where I’m headed next month!

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May 2017 Update + Income Report


What’s up, everyone?! I’m finally back and readjusted from the jetlag of my trip overseas for the month of May!

I embarked on my first solo and first international flight EVER and it was quite the journey to say the least. Just being in a different environment alone was a learning experience in itself, let alone another country.

This past month, I made my way around Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, in Thailand and Seoul in South Korea. Read on as I share some of my initial experiences overseas and how it felt working remotely for the first time!

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April 2017 Update + Income Report


After having a busy and adventure filled month of March, it was time to continue that journey in April!

This month, I made my way up to Las Vegas for a dropshipper’s meetup hosted by eDropshipEmpire.com, attended the amazing Coachella music festival, and spent the last 2 weeks researching and preparing for my first international solo flight in less than 72 hours.

Read on to see how my April went and catch a preview of what’s to come as I make my way over to Thailand, South Korea, and more for the next 30 days!

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March 2017 Update + Income Report


“Only those with tenacity can march forward in March”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

After the decline of sales during February, moving back towards having a good month in March was a refreshing and welcomed change of pace.

This month, I did a bunch of new stuff for the first time! I experienced my first in person meet up with a group of amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs, did my first email giveaway, went up to the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park for a photoshoot, and even started a new dropshipping consultation business on the side.

With my first solo South East Asian trip quickly approaching in May, I felt busier than ever but I knew that this was still the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

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February 2017 Update + Income Report


In February, I celebrated what some consider to be a defining highlight and milestone in life – my 30th birthday!

Sometimes though, along with the ups come the downs. This month, I also had to deal with the challenge of having one of my slowest performing months in my eBay business.

With this update, I share some of the cool stuff I did this month, why I saw low profits in my business and how I plan to prevent it from happening in the future.

Read on!

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January 2017 Update + Income Report


January is typically considered to be one the slowest month’s of the year for sales as people tighten up their wallets from all the Christmas spending they had done.

This month, I also faced the challenge of having the biggest number of customer service issues I’ve ever had to deal with since starting my eBay business just 2 years ago.

Despite having said all that I still managed to have my 2nd best month EVER while still only working about 4 hours a week.

Read on as I share this past month’s happenings!

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