March 2017 Update + Income Report


“Only those with tenacity can march forward in March”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

After the decline of sales during February, moving back towards having a good month in March was a refreshing and welcomed change of pace.

This month, I did a bunch of new stuff for the first time! I experienced my first in person meet up with a group of amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs, did my first email giveaway, went up to the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park for a photoshoot, and even started a new dropshipping consultation business on the side.

With my first solo South East Asian trip quickly approaching in May, I felt busier than ever but I knew that this was still the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

March Update

FULL DISCLOSURE: Please note that I would never recommend anything I have not personally used or reviewed myself. At no cost to you, I may or may not be paid a bonus or commission when you sign up or purchase something using the links on this page. If you found this article helpful or would like to support me, please consider using my links. Thank You!

ConvertKit Meet-Up


This was my first time meeting up with an actual group of people offline that were doing something similar to what I was. My initial impressions on a meet-up like this? Priceless.

Being able to meet up with your peers and discovering what we all do was such a humbling experience to say the least. My hats off to Michelle Lewis (@visibilityvixen) for hosting such an awesome event and providing the media for me to share.

Quick shout-outs to all the friends I made that weekend!


..and , Nathan, Ashley and Till! Didn’t grab your guys’ IG info but I didn’t forget you! Be sure to give them all a follow!

As many of you know, I can’t stress the importance of having a mastermind in your business enough. Being able to meet up a few times a month with a core group of people helps to keep you accountable and constantly motivated to not fail is vital to any business where you are the one in charge and no one tells you what to do anymore.

If you would like more information on when you can attend the next one in your local area or are a female entrepreneur who is looking to raise their branding exposure, be sure to holler at the Visibility Vixen herself and let her know I sent you! Can’t wait for the next event!

eBay Dropshipping Consultation

Initially, I started taking on a few friends as clients for test runs to make sure I wasn’t just blowing smoke up people’s asses. After proving my theories on how to launch and maintain multiple successful dropshipping stores with my peers, I moved on to taking paid clients as of March.

I’ll be honest. The eBay store I first built wasn’t optimized as best as it could be and I made a lot of mistakes early on that I am paying for the consequences on now. With the launch of my 2 new stores this year, I’ll be using these learned theories to ensure that they start off on the right foot as well as experience a steady growth each month without any of the growing pains I experienced the first time.

As someone who has 2 years of experience of both the highs and lows of eBay dropshipping, I understand what it takes to be successful and how easy it is to fail and fall off course if you’re not careful.

For more information on how I can help you with your current or future dropshipping business, check out my coaching page on eDropshipEmpire.

Now, let’s move on to the part that you’re all waiting for!

Income Report

Income from eBay


Sales were definitely more consistent this year compared to last year during the month of March.

As predicted, sales improved during the month of March. A lot of my seasonal items during the holidays finally started to phase out, but I made up for it by selling storage items FOR those seasonal items instead. Due to using this logic, I managed to increase my sales with this particular category during my first few weeks of the month.


I also managed to get a nasty negative feedback removed which helped me boost my percentage from 99.2% to 99.6%!

Total January Sales: $7381.78

Total eBay Profit: $2091.39

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start a dropshipping business from A to Z, be sure to check out David Vu’s Udemy Course on eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory.

Income from Cashback


This month on TopCashBack, I made $103.55!


TopCashBack $103.55

Ebates $20

Splender $12.23

GivingAssistant $92.58

Total Cashback Profit: $228.36

If you haven’t started using cashback yet, be sure to check out my article on how I made $2000 shopping online. Why not get paid for something you’re already doing anyway?

Other / Misc. Affiliate Income


March Affiliate Report for Amazon. Thanks to everyone who used my link!

This month, I started my consultation business and decided to roll that in with this section as well. I’ll become a little more organized if this section gets too hectic later on.

Gift Card Profit: $0

Misc. Affiliate Profit: $9.93

Other Profit: $100

Total Other / Misc. Affiliate Profit: $109.93

As a dropshipper, one of the places we recommend as a back-up source in case you’re out of stock is Amazon. Being able to ship an item out to yourself or your customer with free unlimited 2-day shipping can make a huge difference in your life and your business. If you’re a gamer like me, you even get Twitch Prime for commercial free viewing along with bonus goodies and free subscription to any Twitch.TV channel every month!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

Income Breakdown

march-2017-income-breakdown.png*increase of $1060.07 from last month

Monthly Goals


This month, I’d also like to work with more clients and work on attending more live events to network and build my brand. I finally had some sweet business cards printed by Moo and they should be arriving in the next week or two.


Step up your business card game and try out Moo! Get $15 off your first order!

I am happy to say that I hit all my goals that I set out to achieve in  March but for April, I’d like to set my sights higher and aim for a 20% increase in profits for my business.


Old picture, but the whiteboard layout remains the same. Sign up for my newsletter to find out when the downloadable template goes live!

Filling out my whiteboard keeps myself accountable with my Mastermind groups makes staying on track a lot more manageable. I will be releasing a downloadable template for the setup I featured on my November’s Income report very soon that a lot of my peers have requested. If you would like to know the moment this goes live, want free stuff, exclusive discounts, and occasional updates (no spam) be sure to sign up for my newsletter and be entered in a raffle every month to win awesome prizes, like a copy of The 4-Hour Week by Timothy Feriss. Our first winners will be announced next week!

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My mastermind group partners, Jonathan and Joanne, will also be hosting an eBay Dropshipping Meet-Up at the beautiful Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on April 8th, 2017. Find out more information by following the Facebook Event link here. Hope to see you there!

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