Interview With James “King James the Barber” Lazaro – My Network


One of the biggest complaints that I hear most often from my peers is that they don’t “have enough time” to pursue their side hustles or go after their dreams. For 22 year old James Lazaro, in between working a 20 – 40 hour a week job as a waiter and going to school for his Barber’s License, he still managed to make time to grow his business that he started since the young age of 13. It simply begins by taking the first step and actually doing it. Once you start, you will find that you will make the time to work on it, especially if happiness is what motivates you.

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WoW – World Of Workload: Return To Hustle Land


From not having much to do to having a shit ton of work in the blink of an eye, it’s been a surprisingly welcome change of pace so far this October.

For the past 2 months prior, I spent most of my time reoptimizing my eBay listings and providing better and faster customer service. Some days I felt like I could only do so much of it before getting burnt out.

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6 Simple Money Saving Tips And Benefits To Being Frugal


The definition of being frugal is being careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to. Living below your means by learning smart money management skills is a foolproof way to start saving up.

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How To Find And Harness The Power Of Happiness


In life, one of the most important lessons I have learned is to focus on the things you enjoy in life rather than the things and people that hold you back, and then going ALL IN on that happy focus. Your mind is so much more open and receptive when you are excited about something. Excitement creates happiness, and happiness will ultimately lead to your success; however, that road to success isn’t going to be the easiest.

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