My name is Daniel Tam and I am an entrepreneur, a live streamer, and an avid PC gamer. This website will document my journey into entrepreneurship and will include all the good, bad, and ugly sides involved. Furthermore, I plan to share reviews of books and products that I may find useful as well as do interviews with people who have inspired, helped, and motivated me over the years.

With more than 11 years of back-breaking work in dead-end jobs as an elementary/middle school level tutor, computer sales representative, vehicle technician, and a clerical/outbound desk job for a family-owned snack business, I decided to put my foot down and take charge of my own life in a new, better direction. I would make the rules about my own advancement, never answer to unappreciative and aimless upper management, and be able to ensure that I compensate myself with time for rest when needed.

During this 11-year slow, I attempted many routes that would help me avoid the rat race and avoid the need for more school—I fixed and built computers for friends and family, designed websites, became a semi-professional gamer, hustled car parts out of my dad’s garage, worked with a few multi-level marketing companies, and several other interesting ventures.

The need to avoid school was dire. More schooling is not for me, as I firmly believe that the education system in place is severely impractical. One does not gain enough life experience to make it worthwhile. The $100,000 receipt that we call a diploma is not wholly offset by the discipline we gain and the bonds we create with others.

Seeing a friend succeed with his eBay Dropshipping business made me consider another home-based venture of my own. He said that he would release an online course that would outline the steps he took to build his successful business in a year. I took the plunge as soon as he released his course.

After 18 months of work on my own Dropshipping business, I was able quit my job of over 9 years on July 8th, 2016 with a promise to myself that I would never work for someone else again.

I’m not here to impress you, but rather impress upon you that a regular guy with little experience in home-based businesses can quit his 9-5 job to take life by the reigns. Thanks to this shift in focus, taking a day off to go to the beach on any given weekday, keeping a regular schedule at my gym, and even booking a last-minute vacation with no end date aren’t distant dreams—they’re my reality.

With hard work, persistence, consistency, and a little bit of luck, you too can choose happiness and make life what you want! I hope that I can help you get there, too!

– Daniel “SHGLBMX” Tam